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Like many others, I started my own small business in the hopes of providing my family with financial security and the means to live a somewhat comfortable life. But, as is the case with so many small business owners today, the poor economy has made it very difficult to survive.



When I first started out with my small business I had all the confidence in the world that the service I was offering was an absolute gold mine. But time and a failing economy proved me wrong. I put all the money I had into my small business and now in order to stay afloat I just needed a little bit more funding. I tried obtaining a corporate credit card to assist me with the business but could not seem to get approved. offers the most experienced experts in the industry who will customize a funding program specific to your needs. After discussing my situation, we found that all I really needed was a corporate credit card with a comfortable credit limit to afford me the little extra funding I needed. offered me its Unsecured Corporate Credit Card Program with no upfront costs.

Unsecured Corporate Credit Card Program

That’s right, the program required no upfront costs from me and since my personal credit status met all the credit requirements that looks for,its experts were able to quickly put a program in place for me that got me approved for an unsecured corporate credit card with a credit limit of $60K in just three weeks and I didn’t even have to do the application. Their consultants completed and managed my application and all I had to do was provide them with the supporting documents they needed and in three short weeks I had my corporate credit card in hand and was able to further manage my small business.

Today my small business is prospering and I am making a comfortable living for my family and me, and I owe it all to the experts at

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