Three Funding Programs is a financial services company with a sterling reputation. It provides a range of services, from credit repair to funding programs. The company carries a $10,000 Surety Bond to protect its clients, as required by law, and also offers a 100% money back guarantee for all of the services it provides.

Because it is widely known and trusted in the industry, Top Tradelines is the organization where most individuals and corporations turn for their financial needs. One service in particular that attracts a substantial number of clients is the funding program. What follows is a brief description of each of the three programs.

Personal Funding Program

If you meet the personal credit history requirements, can help you obtain unsecured credit cards at a success rate much better than you would have if you were trying to get them on your own. It is realistic to expect that you can get between $25,000 and $100,000 in credit within 3 weeks if you meet all of the basic requirements. Only after you get the credit will charge you a 15% fee. The basic credit history requirements are as follows:

  • a 3-year clean credit history
  • at least 3 open revolving credit accounts
  • a revolving credit debt ration below 30%
  • a credit score above 700
  • no more than 6 credit inquiries in the past 60 days

Corporate Funding Program 1: Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards

Very similar to the personal funding program, the corporate funding program is a full-service program that assists corporations in applying for corporate credit cards. The fees and credit potential are the same as the personal funding program.

Corporate Funding Program 2: Cash Credit Program

For a flat fee of $795 you and your business will be enrolled in the dedicated coaching program. This program is designed to quickly increase your corporation’s commercial credit score, or Paydex score, to 80—the bare minimum to apply for corporate credit.

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