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Do you need to increase your credit score? Many financial consultants and credit counselors would advise you to take the slow path: make your payments on time, gradually reduce your credit card balances, and periodically request credit limit increases. Well, there’s a much faster way to improve your credit score.

Through, you can purchase something called seasoned tradelines. Simply defined, seasoned tradelines are credit card accounts. You aren’t purchasing the actual credit card account; instead, you are buying the right to be listed as an authorized user of an account that has a clean repayment history and a debt ratio below 10%.

The process is very simple. After registering on the site, you search through’s tradelines database to find the account that is best for you. For each account, you see information like the name of the creditor, the credit limit and the age of the account. The better these variables are, the more you will have to pay. You also have the option of purchasing tradeline packages, which reduces the cost of each tradeline.

The question is “Does it work”? A recent Top Tradelines review reveals several recent testimonials from real clients. Let’s take a quick look at two of them.

Testimonial #1

A woman from California purchased the platinum package for $4,500. Yes, it’s expensive, but she received 5 tradelines with an average age of 4 years and an average credit limit of $15,000. About three weeks after purchasing the package, the 5 accounts appeared on her credit reports at the three major credit bureaus. The results were remarkable. On her Experian credit report, for instance, her score went from 676 to 799. That’s an increase of 123 points. With a credit score of 799, she’s now eligible for a range of excellent credit cards as well as auto and home loans.


Another client took a less expensive route. He bought a Bank of America tradeline for $405. It was about 3.5 years old and had a $10,000 credit limit. Less than three weeks after his purchase the tradeline appeared on his credit reports.His score increased on average of 50 points on each of the three credit bureau reports. His Equifax score, for example, went from 660 to 721, an increase of 61 points. With a score like that, he can now get much better rates on credit cards and car loans.

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