Review: 3 Ways ToObtain Funding Through

Having access to credit is an essential tool for your financial toolbox. When you are able to secure credit at favorable rates, you can finance projects that enable you to pursue your dreams and build your wealth. Unfortunately, if you are just starting out in your professional life and don’t have any credit history or if you have had some financial difficulties in the past and have a poor credit, it can be difficult to obtain credit.

Fortunately for you, there are a range of options available to maximize your chances of getting the most and best credit available. Through a financial services and credit repair organization like, you can enroll in one of its funding program, either for yourself personally or on behalf of your business. Here is quick look at the available funding programs.

Personal Funding Program

If you do have an established and good credit history but have been frustrated by not being able to obtain as much credit as you think you deserve, then the Personal Funding Program at is for you. Take a quick look at the personal credit history requirements:

  • a 3-year spotless credit record
  • at least 3 active and open revolving credit accounts
  • a revolving credit debt ratio that is below 30%
  • a credit score above 700
  • no more than 6 credit inquiries in the past 60 days

After the representatives at Top Tradelines review and approve your application, they will start submitting credit card applications on your behalf. Because they understand the process so well and know which creditors best match your needs, you will have a much higher success rate than you would if you just applied on your own. You will have to pay a 15% fee on the credit they secure for you, but it is well worth it when you consider they can get you up to $100,000 in a matter of weeks.

Corporate Funding Programs

There are two corporate funding programs. The first is very similar to the personal funding program in that it helps you apply for credit cards. But in this case you receive assistance in applying for corporate credit cards. The second program is intended for businesses looking to establish their credit. For a one-time fee of $795, your business is enrolled in a dedicated coaching program that is designed to rapidly increase your corporation’s Paydex score to 80—the bare minimum to apply for corporate credit. Both of these corporate funding programs can really help to get your business rolling.

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