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TopTradelines.com: Individual Tradelines vs. Tradeline Packages?

Having a robust credit score is a must! Whether you’re purchasing a house or looking for a new job, you need to have a good credit score because potential creditors and employers view your credit score as a reflection of your fiscal discipline and personal responsibility.

As you probably know if you’re reading this blog, adding tradelines to your credit report is a reliable and fast method of improving your credit score. One of the best places to purchase tradelines is a site named TopTradelines.com. This company has one of the best reputations in the industry and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

However, the question is whether you should purchase an individual tradeline or a tradeline package. There are advantages and disadvantages of each. Let’s take a look.

Individual Tradelines

On TopTradelines.com you can search the online database to find individual tradelines. In the database you’ll find the creditor’s name, the date the account was opened, the age of the account, the credit limit, and the price you’ll have to pay for the tradeline.

  • Advantages. You can choose the tradeline that fits your budget and credit-boosting needs. By doing a little bit of online research, you can determine how much of a credit score increase you’ll get from a tradeline with a particular set of characteristics.
  • Disadvantages. The overall value of each tradeline is not as good as it would be if you purchased the tradelines in a package.

Tradeline Packages

Several tradeline packages are available from the economical Iron Package for $999, with 3 tradelines, to the much pricier Diamond Package for $4,500, with 6 tradelines.

  • Advantages.The value of each tradeline in the package is maximized. You will have to pay more overall, but because you’re buying at least 3 tradelines, the overall benefit to your credit score will be greater.
  • Disadvantages.You can’t select specific tradelines. This is a disadvantage if you want your score to increase by a specific amount.

TopTradelines.com Review: Seasoned Tradelines Packages

So what are seasoned tradelines? In the simplest sense, they are credit card accounts that are at least 2 years old.If you have one or more healthy seasoned tradeline on your credit report,you likely have a good FICO score. Unfortunately, the opposite is true if you either don’t have any seasoned tradelines or if your accounts are unhealthy. Well, there’s a solution. You can purchase seasoned tradelines from an intermediary company connects buyers and sellers of seasoned tradelines.

How Can I Add Seasoned Tradelines To My Credit History?

By using a company like Top Tradelines, you will be connected with someone who is selling his or her healthy seasoned tradeline. Basically how it works is that the account holder will list you as an authorized user on one of her or his credit card accounts. By being listed as an authorized user, the complete credit history of that account will appear on your credit record. The end result is that in a little over a month your credit report will contain the healthy repayment history, high credit limit, and low debt ratio of the account you acquired. In most cases the immediate result is a score increase, and sometimes the increase is quite dramatic.

In case you’re wondering, it’s all legal. According to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, and its implementation through Regulation B, information on a spouse’s authorized user account must be reported by creditors to credit bureaus.  Since creditors usually provide information to credit bureaus on all user accounts without distinguishing account holders from authorized users, all the accounts are reported.

What Packages Are Available?

You can acquire individual tradelines by searching through TopTradelines.com online inventory database. Or if you want greater value, you can purchase one of its packages. Below is a sampling of some of the packages currently available.

  • Iron Package. You get 3 tradelines with the average of 2 years. You pay an average price of $333. It’s a good package for someone looking to build his or her credit history.
  • Silver Package. This is a much more robust package offering 3 tradelines that are each 5 years old, on average, with an average credit limit of $7,500.
  • Diamond Package. This is Top Tradelines most expensive package, at almost $6000, but it offers 6 tradelines that have an average life of 7 years and average credit limit of $25,000. This is the package for you if you’re seeking the most credit possible. You credit score will soar after adding these tradelines.

TopTradelines.com Review: 3 Ways To Obtain Funding Through

Having access to credit is an essential tool for your financial toolbox. When you are able to secure credit at favorable rates, you can finance projects that enable you to pursue your dreams and build your wealth. Unfortunately, if you are just starting out in your professional life and don’t have any credit history or if you have had some financial difficulties in the past and have a poor credit, it can be difficult to obtain credit.

Fortunately for you, there are a range of options available to maximize your chances of getting the most and best credit available. Through a financial services and credit repair organization like TopTradelines.com, you can enroll in one of its funding program, either for yourself personally or on behalf of your business. Here is quick look at the available funding programs.

Personal Funding Program

If you do have an established and good credit history but have been frustrated by not being able to obtain as much credit as you think you deserve, then the Personal Funding Program at TopTradelines.com is for you. Take a quick look at the personal credit history requirements:

  • a 3-year spotless credit record
  • at least 3 active and open revolving credit accounts
  • a revolving credit debt ratio that is below 30%
  • a credit score above 700
  • no more than 6 credit inquiries in the past 60 days

After the representatives at Top Tradelines review and approve your application, they will start submitting credit card applications on your behalf. Because they understand the process so well and know which creditors best match your needs, you will have a much higher success rate than you would if you just applied on your own. You will have to pay a 15% fee on the credit they secure for you, but it is well worth it when you consider they can get you up to $100,000 in a matter of weeks.

Corporate Funding Programs

There are two corporate funding programs. The first is very similar to the personal funding program in that it helps you apply for credit cards. But in this case you receive assistance in applying for corporate credit cards. The second program is intended for businesses looking to establish their credit. For a one-time fee of $795, your business is enrolled in a dedicated coaching program that is designed to rapidly increase your corporation’s Paydex score to 80—the bare minimum to apply for corporate credit. Both of these corporate funding programs can really help to get your business rolling.

What Is The Affiliate Program At Toptradelines.Com?

Individuals with poor credit or without any credit at all are always looking for ways to rebuild their credit and improve their credit scores. That is where the affiliate program at toptradelines.com comes in. By simply referring people to toptradelines.com you will receive a fee. And because toptradelines.com is a reputable company that is not only bonded but also offers a 100% guarantee to its clients, you can rest assured that you’re referring people to a high quality service.

What is Toptradelines.com?

Toptradelines.com provides a range of services to its clients. For example, toptradelines.com brings together buyers and sellers of authorized user accounts. This service is attractive to both the sellers and buyers. The sellers benefit because they receive a flat fee and the buyers benefit because their credit scores will increase as a result a healthy account being listed on their credit reports, which is what happens when someone lists you as an authorized user. Another service that toptradelines.com provides is funding assistance for individuals and corporations. Specifically, the representatives at toptradelines.com help individuals and business get unsecured credit cards.  So with these attractive services, and many more, it’s easy to see why people would want to use toptradelines.com.

How Does The Program Work?

As a member of the affiliate program, you simply need to familiarize yourself with the products and services that toptradelines.com has to offer. Then, if you think you know people or you have a website that can attract people interested in the services offered by toptradeines.com, you should fill out the simple online application. Once accepted into the affiliate program, you will be given a customized link that you can put on your site. Every time someone clicks on the link and that person ultimately purchases a service from toptradelines.com, you will receive 10% of the sales amount. That amount will be automatically deposited into your account.

What is the Broker Program At Toptradelines.com?

Finding ways to quickly and legally improve one’s credit score is extremely important for most people. Whether they’re looking to buy a house or just have credit cards with favorable rates, they need a solid credit score. One method that has risen in popularity recently is to become an authorized user of a credit card account that has a long and clean credit history.

Creditors are required by law to report all authorized credit accounts, also call tradelines, to the three major credit bureaus, so by becoming an authorized user of someone else’s tradeline, that person will have the account holder’s credit card history listed on his or her credit report. So if that tradeline is “seasoned,” i.e. has a long and spotless repayment history, a low debt ratio, and a high credit limit, the authorized user of that account will see an immediate boost to his or her credit score.

How Can Brokers Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

If you have family members, friends, or co-workers who need to improve their credit scores, you can be their knight in shining armor. By purchasing seasoned tradelines at wholesale prices at toptradelines.com, you can then resell them to people you know who will use them to bolster their credit scores. It’s a situation where you the broker make some money by marking up the wholesale price by whatever amount you this is fair, and the person to whom you sell the seasoned tradeline also benefits because the person who bought the tradeline will see an immediate rise in his or her credit scores.

How Do You Become A Broker?

Becoming a broker at toptradelines.com is a fairly simple process. You just need to fill out an online application. On the application you have to briefly describe how you think you can work together with toptradelines.com in an ethical and mutually beneficial manner. Once your application to become a broker is approved, you will be able to purchase seasoned tradelines in packages—the larger the package, the larger the discount you receive.

TopTradelines.com: A Win-Win

TopTradelines.com is a financial services company that serves as an intermediary between individuals seeking to improve their credit history and those who would like to make a little money by helping them. The process is straightforward and perfectly legal. In essence, people who have clean and long credit card histories can earn a fee for authorizing people to be users on those accounts. People are willing to pay a fee for this service because the authorized credit account, also called a tradeline, will appear on their credit reports. Because it’s an account with a long and clean history, the credit score of person who acquired the tradeline willincrease almost immediately.

How Can I Be Sure That It’s Both Legal and Effective?

According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a piece of legislation passed in 1974, creditors are required to report authorized user accounts of spouses to the major credit bureaus. Because lenders and creditors don’t distinguish between different types of authorized user accounts, all of the accounts are reported. There was some debate recently about whether the FICO score should be adjusted to not include authorized user accounts. However, because lenders complained that doing so would violate Regulation B, it was decided that the new FICO 08 score formula will include authorized user accounts.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. TopTradelines.com has a database of authorized suppliers’ seasoned tradelines, accounts more than 2 years old. These individuals are ready to add authorized users to their tradelinesupon request.
  2. An individual eager to improve his or her credit score contacts toptradelines.com and is subsequently offered a seasoned tradeline. For the service, the client pays a fee.
  3. Toptradelines.com then contacts an authorized supplier to arrange the order. The authorized supplier has to add the client as an authorized user within 7 days.
  4. Once the seasoned tradeline appears on the client’s credit report, which usually occurs within a month, toptradelines.com pays a pre-determined flat fee to the authorized supplier.

It’s a process the benefits both the supplier through the fee he or she receives and the client because of the boost to his or her credit score.

Make a Difference in Your Own Life with TopTradelines.com

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A Small Financial Company Offering Big Results

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Hope is Such a Wonderful Thing

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TopTradelines.com: A Company for the People

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How to Prepare Yourself to Buy Your First House

I am extremely eager to buy a house, but I know I need to have an acceptable credit score in order to obtain a mortgage. In talking with my boss he suggested that I reach out to the folks at TopTradelines to discuss all my financial needs. Well, I took his advice and much to my surprise the helpful representatives at TopTradelines were able to educate me on feasible ways of increasing my credit score. The highly trained staff answered my questions and offered helpful advice that has assisted me greatly. My boss was right: these guys know exactly what they are doing. If you have concerns about your credit score, don’t waste any time. Visit www.toptradelines.com and learn how you too can increase your credit score today.

The Perfect Financial Consultant Here in Miami Florida

I live right here in Miami, Florida and when I realized that I needed to enlist the services of a tradelines company, especially for the purposes of raising my credit score, I was delighted to learn that the best of the best is located right here in Miami. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful the staff at TopTradelines was. There wasn’t a question I asked or a concern I had that they weren’t able to answer. I spoke with several different representatives there, and all of them impressed me with their knowledge and patience. Finances are difficult to understand and manage and we all want to improve our financial standing, so I’m glad that I found www.toptradelines.com online and contacted them directly. I recommend the professional staff at TopTradelines to anyone looking for financial and credit score assistance.

Economic Times Don’t Have to Control Your Life

Economic times are certainly pretty hard right now for so many of us and one thing we probably all need help with is raising our credit scores. There is not much that you can accomplish if you don’t have a good credit score,and, like so many others, I need to raise my score. Boy, what a pure delight it was when, after so many long hours of researching on the net,I discovered www.toptradelines.com. I was elated to directly speak with the well-qualified and highly knowledgeable staff at TopTradelines. The suggestions they made regarding my finances and the assistance they offered me were especially helpful. Today I must admit I am a much happier gal, with a much higher credit score, and I’m looking to do wonderful things now all because of one smart visit to www.toptradelines.com.