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TopTradelines.com: A Win-Win

TopTradelines.com is a financial services company that serves as an intermediary between individuals seeking to improve their credit history and those who would like to make a little money by helping them. The process is straightforward and perfectly legal. In essence, people who have clean and long credit card histories can earn a fee for authorizing people to be users on those accounts. People are willing to pay a fee for this service because the authorized credit account, also called a tradeline, will appear on their credit reports. Because it’s an account with a long and clean history, the credit score of person who acquired the tradeline willincrease almost immediately.

How Can I Be Sure That It’s Both Legal and Effective?

According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a piece of legislation passed in 1974, creditors are required to report authorized user accounts of spouses to the major credit bureaus. Because lenders and creditors don’t distinguish between different types of authorized user accounts, all of the accounts are reported. There was some debate recently about whether the FICO score should be adjusted to not include authorized user accounts. However, because lenders complained that doing so would violate Regulation B, it was decided that the new FICO 08 score formula will include authorized user accounts.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. TopTradelines.com has a database of authorized suppliers’ seasoned tradelines, accounts more than 2 years old. These individuals are ready to add authorized users to their tradelinesupon request.
  2. An individual eager to improve his or her credit score contacts toptradelines.com and is subsequently offered a seasoned tradeline. For the service, the client pays a fee.
  3. Toptradelines.com then contacts an authorized supplier to arrange the order. The authorized supplier has to add the client as an authorized user within 7 days.
  4. Once the seasoned tradeline appears on the client’s credit report, which usually occurs within a month, toptradelines.com pays a pre-determined flat fee to the authorized supplier.

It’s a process the benefits both the supplier through the fee he or she receives and the client because of the boost to his or her credit score.

What Are Seasoned Tradelines?

In the simplest terms, “tradelines” are credit accounts. If a tradeline is “seasoned”, the credit account has been in existence for more than 2 years. If you have many seasoned accounts on your credit reports and those accounts have clean repayment histories and high credit limits, then you likely have a high FICO score. Having a robust FICO is essential for securing credit at favorable rates of interest. However, if you don’t have a number of seasoned accounts, or if those accountshave poor repayment histories,your credit score will be negatively impacted.

Fortunately, there is a way to add seasoned tradelines to your credit history. The process is simple, safe, legal, and widely used by people who are looking to boost their FICO scores. It will cost you some money, but the long-term gain is well worth it.

How Can I Add Seasoned Tradelines To My Credit History?

By using an intermediary like toptradelines.com, you will be connected with someone who has healthy seasoned tradelines. That individual will list you as an authorized user on one of his credit card accounts. By being listed as an authorized user, the complete credit history for that account will appear on your credit report. So within a little more than a month of being listed as an authorized user of an account, you will have account’s clean repayment history and credit limit posted to your credit reports. In most cases the immediate result is a score increase, and sometimes the increase is quite dramatic.

Will The New FICO 08 FormulaInclude Authorized User Accounts?

After considerable debate, the decision has been made by the creators and managers of the FICO formula to include the authorized user accounts in the new FICO 08 formula. This is great news for people who use the technique of using seasoned tradelines to increase their credit scores. This decision to include authorized user accounts was ultimately made because so many lenders complained that it would be a violation of Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974.

The Truth About Seasoned Tradelines

Depending on who you ask, the stories you hear about seasoned tradelines can vary as greatly as night and day. The effects of adding seasoned tradelines to your credit report are so attractive, many scammers have flooded my market in hopes of taking advantage of unsuspecting people. Unfortunate interactions with sketchy characters have nulled the confidence many people have in seasoned tradelines. However, there are still thousands- even millions- of people who have reaped considerable benefits from working with reputable companies.

TopTradelines.com educates prospective clients on the dos and don’ts of searching for the perfect provider. We want you to be able to make an educated decision based on proven results not rumors and misleading information. When done correctly, you can expect to see your credit score jump 50-150 points in as quickly as 3 weeks. Many people have seen increases of as much as 200 points in the same time period.

It’s an inexpensive and effective way to permanently improve every aspect of your credit history. Keep reading to learn more information.

What Are Seasoned Tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines are aged accounts which will be added to your credit report, listing you as an authorized user. Although you will never actually hold the listed cards in hand, the addition will considerably improve the age of your credit history, recalculating it to adjust to the history of each seasoned tradeline you add. The older the seasoned tradelines, the greater the age of your own accounts and the age of your credit history will rise.

If your credit report doesn’t have any derogatory items on it, seasoned tradelines give you the most dramatic results while improving your credit report. This isn’t a long, drawn out process. As soon as the seasoned tradelines are added to your report, you’ll notice improvements.

Why Is This Important?

Lenders, employers, banks- even renters- all use your credit report to determine your financial future. With the stress on today’s market, it’s increasingly difficult to get approved for home, auto, or business loans. Fortunately, TopTradelines.com can help you make your credit report more attractive. We can improve your credit score, increase the age of your accounts, and add maturity to your overall credit history. Our quality seasoned tradelines can lower your combined credit balance, making your history appear more attractive.

Even if you aren’t interested in applying for a major loan, we can give your credit history a head start, along with your future. During the application process, many employers will run prospective candidate’s credit in order to get a glimpse of their past. They’ve learned how well-behaved people can be during an interview, and how that can differ from their actions after they’ve been offered a position. Companies want to know that you’re reliable and responsible. TopTradelines.com can help make sure that your credit report reflects your resume.

TopTradelines.com is upfront about our abilities and, unlike our competitors, we follow through with our promises. We tailor each interaction to suit your requirements and even offer a transparent refund program. Not only can we provide you with permanent results from our seasoned tradelines, we can partner you with various programs to help you achieve your personal and business financial dreams. We’re always available to help you, contact us today to learn more about your options.

How Can Seasoned Tradelines Help You?

TopTradelines.com provides our clients with the opportunity to add quality accounts to their credit report. We present you with dramatic, permanent improvements that won’t break the bank. If you’re wondering whether your credit history is strong enough to get your next application approved, we can eliminate the guesswork.

How Do We Do It?

The first part of the process starts with you. What does your current credit report look like? What types of improvements would you like to have? How soon do you need to see this change come to pass?

Those with little to no credit history are going to need to look for aged seasoned tradeline accounts. If you want to get approve for loans or credit cards with large limits, you’re going to have to search for accounts that match your desires.

You’ll also need to consider how many seasoned tradelines you need to add to your account. If you only have a short credit history, you’ll need about 4-6 quality seasoned tradelines in order to improve your chances of being approved for a car, house, or unsecured credit cards with high limits and great terms. If you have an established history but want to give it some improvements, it’ll take about 2-3 seasoned tradelines to increase your credit score.

Most of the clients that come through TopTradelines.com get seasoned accounts in quantities of 3 due to the discounts they receive from our package deal.


The Process

With your intended goal in mind, you can search through our account library for quality matches. It’s important to choose seasoned tradelines according to the next available report date. TopTradelines.com makes it easy to access this information, allowing our clients to choose accounts that organically correspond with their needs. The sooner you need the seasoned tradelines to post to your accounts, the less that will be available. This means, you need to act swiftly to obtain the results you’re after. With the help of our professionals, it’s easier than you think.

After your seasoned tradelines have posted to your account, TopTradelines.com can direct you to optional partnering organizations to help you obtain funding. Our personal funding program, corporate funding program, and corporate cash credit programs can help with any of your funding requests.

Through a combination of our services, and the offerings of our sister companies, we can help you acquire up to $150,000- even $250,000 or more through our corporate cash credit program.

Getting Started

Our ideal credit requirements are simple. If you have 3 or more years of clean credit history, you’re ready to take advantage of our seasoned tradelines. If not, don’t worry, we can help you legally create a brand new credit file. We’d also like our clients to have 3 or more revolving credit accounts in good standing with 30% or lower credit balance. If you don’t, again, we have you covered. TopTradelines.com can add seasoned tradelines to your account to balance out your history and put your credit balance where it needs to be.

Don’t get caught up on the logistics. If you’ve read all of this and think your credit history isn’t going to match our requirements, we can still help you. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients, regardless of where they are when we first partner. Our techniques are proven and we have a laundry list of successful accounts to prove it. If you want to learn more about the magic we work at TopTradelines.com, contact us today.

Trust TopTradelines.com to Transform Your Credit

TopTradelines.com is a professional service geared toward providing our clients with quick and cost-effective improvements to their credit report. Through the addition of seasoned tradelines, our clients experience increases in their credit score ranging from 50-150+ points. This doesn’t take years, nor months to complete. Most clients experience a total transformation in their credit report in as little as 3 weeks. You’ll start to notice the first improvements as soon as the first seasoned tradelines are added to your report. They’ll stay there for 30-60 days, after this, the results are embedded in your credit history forever.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, the things that glitter can turn out to really be gold. The professionals at TopTradelines.com are a full service provider of seasoned tradelines. Every aspect of our business is 100% legal and we even offer our clients a money back guarantee. You may have come across other providers claiming to be able to produce similar results. Here’s what separates us from them:

  1. We never provide our clients with primary tradelines.- Stay away from any site claiming to offer this service. Charging a fee for adding primary tradelines to a person’s credit report is absolutely illegal. Primary tradelines are real accounts in your name, which you are responsible for. Engaging in this practice is committing loan fraud and can land you in a considerable amount of trouble. The effect is nowhere similar to what we offer at TopTradelines.com
  2. We are bonded.- We’ve gone through all of the necessary steps to prove our legitimacy to the federal government and can provide valid documented proof to all of our clients.
  3. We deliver.- Our track record speaks for itself. We aren’t out to take money from our clients. We want to offer you the results you expect. Our account library even includes package deals which pass on more savings to our clientele.


Why Should I Pay For Seasoned Tradelines?

Some may attempt to dissuade themselves for taking advantage of this opportunity but that could be a costly mistake. Society today revolves around your credit. Having an acceptable score is no longer good enough to grant you the approvals you want. Everyone, including employers, renters, and lenders, are using credit reports as a means of determining credibility.

If you don’t have any history, these institutions may view you as a liability, similar to those with bad credit. If you have acceptable credit but have only held small limits, you’ll have difficulty convincing the bank to grant you a mortgage or loan for a new car.

Seasoned tradelines are an investment into your financial future. The out of pocket cost trail in comparison to all of the money you’ll save after building a stronger credit report. With an increase in your credit score, the addition of mature accounts, and an established credit history, you’ll receive considerably lower interest rates on future applications. The savings from this alone can pay for the cost of your seasoned tradelines 100 times over.

As a proven company with thousands of satisfied clients, TopTradelines.com is the prime provider of quality seasoned tradelines. We educate our customers on the risks of dealing with shady businesses because we don’t want to see anyone become a victim to their vulnerability.

When working with us, you’re in the hands of proven professionals. For added peace of mind, we even provide our clients with a money back guarantee. After you’ve experienced the benefits of adding our quality accounts, we can link you with our partners to assist you with optional supportive services including 3 different funding programs. We ensure that the risk is minimal but the results are maximized every time. The only way for you to know for sure is to contact us right now.

Stop Getting Denied, Try Seasoned Tradelines

Credit repair takes time. In reality, it could be months, even years, before your credit report gets to where it needs to be to make those constant denials disappear. If you have your eyes on that car, dream home, or are simply in need of some extra capital at your disposal, you probably don’t have years to wait. This means you’re faced with a dilemma. Pass up on the ideal opportunity and take the long arduous journey towards repaired credit or trust a professional to take care of it for you.

What Can The Professional Do Differently?

TopTradelines.com offers you the simplest solution to permanently improve your credit report. If you meet certain credit requirements, we can legally improve your credit report by adding seasoned tradelines. Similar to the way parents add their children as authorized users on their credit accounts, our seasoned tradelines will instantly boost your credit score, and lengthen the age of your credit history.

What Does This Mean?

If your credit report is free of derogatory items, at least in the recent past, TopTradelines.com knows how to give your credit score a 50-150 point boost (maybe even more) in approximately 3 weeks. You’ll notice the first increase as soon as the first seasoned tradelines appear on your credit report. We have an extensive library of accounts. All of which are capable of awarding you with your desired results.

What do you want? A higher overall credit score? A more mature credit report? A history of credit accounts with larger limits? A desirable credit report to impress your new employer? Each of our seasoned tradelines stay on your credit report for 30-60 days. After this, your credit report will reap the benefits of the addition permanently.

Who Can Benefit From Seasoned Tradelines?

To put it simply- anyone and everyone. If you’re just starting to establish credit, you’ll be faced with a series of declined applications due to your lack of credit history. Lenders want to be able to see that you’re able and willing to keep credit accounts in good standing. It’s unfair that it’s so difficult to convince companies to give you a chance to prove yourself but, in today’s market, that’s just the way it is.

Adding seasoned tradelines to infant credit accounts will allow you the opportunity to adopt the credit history of that tradeline. Typically, lenders want to see 3-5 years of credit history before they will approve an application. If you don’t have that much history to offer, that’s a long time to wait before you’re able to buy a new car, purchase your home, or land that ideal job.

If you have credit history but it doesn’t align with the types of accounts you want to apply for, seasoned tradelines can make your credit report more attractive. Lenders look at your existing revolving credit accounts to determine how much, if any, credit they should offer you. If your existing credit cards range around $500, that’s about all you can expect from any other lender. When you’re looking to gain unsecured credit cards, loans, and lines of credit with larger limits, you’ll have to be able to show similar accounts in good standing.


Credit takes years to build and only a moment to make a crucial mistake. TopTradelines.com is ready and able to assist clients from all backgrounds. If you don’t meet our credit requirements at the moment, we can take a look at your credit report and work with you to bring your credit report up to par. Don’t let a number come between you and your goals. Trust the professionals at TopTradelines.com.

The best from toptradelines.com

For years people who have had credit trouble just had to deal with it. They fell prey to various schemes that didn’t work. Over over they tried but were denied credit. Now they can go to toptradelines.com and get real help for their credit score. Real help,real fast.

When you have had late payments, repos or charge offs, they end up as negative history in your credit file. This lowers your credit score and creates problems getting credit. Having a good trade line added to your credit file with a positive history can rapidly raise your credit score. At toptradelines.com they will find the best trade line for you. Then they will add it to your credit file. After that they will get it posted on all three credit bureaus. They do it all for you guaranteed. Then you will see how much better your score gets. It’s the best.

A trade line is like a packet of information in your credit file. Having a trade line with positive history added to your credit file boosts your credit rating. The best inventory of trade lines is at toptradelines.com , and they guarantee posting it to all three bureaus.  It’s what you need to get your credit score higher quickly.

Let’s face it, credit is important. A better credit score can help make your life easier and better in so many ways. Having a low credit score can make getting that credit hard. Having a good trade line added to your credit file by toptradelines.com  is the fastest and best way to get that better life.

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This is why you should to toptradelines.com

Shopping online is something many of us do everyday. Whether for clothing, computers or home goods. Having a credit card makes this experience much easier and safer at checkout. A low credit score may be preventing you from getting a credit card. Going to toptradelines.com can help you raise that score.

A trade line is like a packet with credit history in it. Adding a good trade line to your credit file can help raise your credit score. The best trade lines are available at toptradelines.com, there for you now. They will help you get a good trade line added to you credit file making your credit history better. Then they will post it to all three credit bureaus. They do I for you at toptradelines.com, guaranteed.

Having that great trade line added to your credit file makes a huge difference. A higher credit score can really begin to make a difference in life for you. This can be a radical change in a positive way in your life. Let toptradelines.com help you today.

Imagine how much easier shopping online would be with a credit card. You wouldn’t have to worry about access to your checking account.  No more going somewhere and loading cash to a prepaid debit card. Just using your credit card easily and safely. A visit to toptradelines.com can get your credit score up and get you that card.

Think about it. You could rent a car now. You could take that trip you been wanting to and check in to a nice hotel. Getting your credit score up and getting that card can make it happen. Getting a great trade line added to your credit history by toptradelines.com can make that happen fast.

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Use toptradelines.com to get the help you need

Home ownership is the dream of most families. Being able to do the things you want to your house because you own instead of rent. Getting mortgage approval is the first step, but bad credit can prevent that from happening. That is why you need toptradelines.com  .

Your credit score is made up of the information held in your credit file. If you have had past financial problems, you likely have some negative history in your file. This is bringing your credit score down and can stop you from getting that mortgage. A visit to toptradelines.com can get you the help you need to raise your credit score quickly.

Getting a trade line with positive credit history added to your credit file  will help raise your credit score. The best trade lines are at toptradelines.com.  They will find the best trade line for you  and then add it to your credit file. This will help overcome the negative past history in your file and raise your credit score. Then they will get it posted to all three credit bureaus.  It is a quick and simple way to get your credit back on track. It’s what toptradelines.com does.

If you are trying to get a mortgage but your credit score is too low, this is the help you need. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. There isn’t a reason to wait for years or try things that don’t work. Getting a great trade line added to your credit file will help you fast. Going to toptradeline.com will get you the best trade line. They get it added to your file and posted to the credit bureaus. Guaranteed!

Going to toptradelines.com is easy and they can help you today. Don’t waste time with others, toptradelines.com is the best.

Why you need to go to toptradelines.com

When you go through hard financial times you often end up with bad credit. It can be caused by so many things and you certainly aren’t alone. Many people have the same credit issues you do, but you can get help at toptradelines.com today.

A trade line with a positive credit history added to your credit file can raise your credit score.  The team at toptradelines.com will help get you the best trade line. Then they will get added to your credit file. That file will be posted on all three credit bureaus. Guaranteed!  This is why you need to go to toptradelines.com right now.

If you struggle to get loans or a credit card, toptradelines.com is for you. You don’t need to wait for years to see your credit score rise. Getting a great trade line added to your credit file can get your credit back on track quickly. The best inventory of trade lines is at toptradelines.com . Let them help you get your credit score up and get the credit you need.

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Go to toptradelines.com and see how it works. The site is easy to use. They have videos explaining how it all works. There are great testimonials from people who have used it wit great success.  Guaranteed help for you.

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