Stop Getting Denied, Try Seasoned Tradelines

Credit repair takes time. In reality, it could be months, even years, before your credit report gets to where it needs to be to make those constant denials disappear. If you have your eyes on that car, dream home, or are simply in need of some extra capital at your disposal, you probably don’t have years to wait. This means you’re faced with a dilemma. Pass up on the ideal opportunity and take the long arduous journey towards repaired credit or trust a professional to take care of it for you.

What Can The Professional Do Differently? offers you the simplest solution to permanently improve your credit report. If you meet certain credit requirements, we can legally improve your credit report by adding seasoned tradelines. Similar to the way parents add their children as authorized users on their credit accounts, our seasoned tradelines will instantly boost your credit score, and lengthen the age of your credit history.

What Does This Mean?

If your credit report is free of derogatory items, at least in the recent past, knows how to give your credit score a 50-150 point boost (maybe even more) in approximately 3 weeks. You’ll notice the first increase as soon as the first seasoned tradelines appear on your credit report. We have an extensive library of accounts. All of which are capable of awarding you with your desired results.

What do you want? A higher overall credit score? A more mature credit report? A history of credit accounts with larger limits? A desirable credit report to impress your new employer? Each of our seasoned tradelines stay on your credit report for 30-60 days. After this, your credit report will reap the benefits of the addition permanently.

Who Can Benefit From Seasoned Tradelines?

To put it simply- anyone and everyone. If you’re just starting to establish credit, you’ll be faced with a series of declined applications due to your lack of credit history. Lenders want to be able to see that you’re able and willing to keep credit accounts in good standing. It’s unfair that it’s so difficult to convince companies to give you a chance to prove yourself but, in today’s market, that’s just the way it is.

Adding seasoned tradelines to infant credit accounts will allow you the opportunity to adopt the credit history of that tradeline. Typically, lenders want to see 3-5 years of credit history before they will approve an application. If you don’t have that much history to offer, that’s a long time to wait before you’re able to buy a new car, purchase your home, or land that ideal job.

If you have credit history but it doesn’t align with the types of accounts you want to apply for, seasoned tradelines can make your credit report more attractive. Lenders look at your existing revolving credit accounts to determine how much, if any, credit they should offer you. If your existing credit cards range around $500, that’s about all you can expect from any other lender. When you’re looking to gain unsecured credit cards, loans, and lines of credit with larger limits, you’ll have to be able to show similar accounts in good standing.


Credit takes years to build and only a moment to make a crucial mistake. is ready and able to assist clients from all backgrounds. If you don’t meet our credit requirements at the moment, we can take a look at your credit report and work with you to bring your credit report up to par. Don’t let a number come between you and your goals. Trust the professionals at

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