3 Credit Must-Haves for Employment, Insurance, Credit Card Approvals, and Student Loans

We’ve all been there.  Timid, unexperienced, and filled with high hopes of gaining credit approvals with little or no credit history to back up our youthful confidence and dreams of grandeur.  How is that first credit account gained?  Better yet, how can one maintain perfect credit history once a creditor approves the application?  The answer is, quite simply, tradelines.

Seasoned tradelines are accounts held in good standing by a borrower who in turn adds an authorized user to the account, but withholds the account information to protect the account from being used.  The authorized user gains the benefit of positive credit on their credit reports and is able to obtain more credit independently.  As a young adult, my parents added me to their major credit card as an authorized user-for a short time, granted, until I was able to get on my feet and move out…a win-win all around!  Ok, maybe more of a win for them.

The same situation is available for credit-challenged people of any age, in the form of seasoned tradelines.  Many institutions today are inquiring into credit reports-Insurance companies, Employers, and even Landlords.  The need for not only established credit but certain credit score requirements is becoming a necessity more often then not.  Seasoned tradelines fill this need and are the answer you have been looking for.

At TopTradelines.com, there are tradelines made to fit every and any credit situation.  Want to have a professional recommendation customized to your current circumstances?  They have a free analysis at the site that takes just minutes but guarantees to be helpful and guide you in the right direction.  Here is the link:  Free Analysis

The specialists at TopTradelines.com recommend a high credit limit for anyone desiring a few major Credit Card approvals.  Presently in the inventory is a Bank of America tradeline with a $90,000 credit limit and is over 24 years old, for $2,500, designed for BIG Credit Card Approvals.  Skeptical?  TopTradelines.com GUARANTEES and is a BONDED company, because documentation beats conversation every time.  Here is the link to view the refund policy:   Refund Policy unlike our competitors   Did I mention that TopTradelines.com takes Credit Cards?

So, what are the 3 Credit must-haves?  Whether it be a Student loan or a mortgage, have in hand:

1.  A strong, solid source of income, be it a job, social security, or a trust fund, creditors want to know how they will be repaid with documented proof.

2.  Residential stability is weighed in also-if you move around alot.  The new address you filled in to get that cell phone will be listed as your last known address.

3.  Less is more when it comes to applying for credit.  Is that free t-shirt or hat your bank offers in exchange for your credit application worth lowering your credit scores?  They are called inquiries and too many equals too risky to lenders.  Viewing your scores online is counted as a ‘soft’ inquiry and do not post on or count against your reports.

Credit can be used and abused, but when applied correctly, holds many benefits we all use.  Do your due diligence and make an informed choice before agreeing to any credit company.  Visit the professionals at TopTradelines.com and watch the informative video for more info.

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