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What Is It Like To Be An Approved Supplier At Toptradelines.Com?

There’s an exciting new industry where it’s possible to help others while also making a little money yourself. When you become an approved supplier at, you can use your excellent credit history to help improve the credit of others. Basically, the way it works is that you will create approved user accounts on one or more of your credit cards. For every user account you add, you will receive a predetermined fee.

Am I Eligible to Participate?

First and foremost, you must have excellent credit. Every credit card account that you enter into the program must be at least 2 years old and have a flawless repayment history. That means that there haven’t been any 30-, 60-, or 90-day late payments. In addition, the current outstanding balance on the card must be less than 10% of the credit limit. This is often referred to as the debt ratio. These requirements must be maintained the entire time the card is part of the program.

What Are My Responsibilities?

Once one of your accounts has been chosen, you have some basic tasks that you need to perform.

  1. Add each client as an approved user
  2. Submit your credit card statement to
  3. Add and remove accounts (monthly)
  4. Update on any changes (monthly)

What are my risks?

You have virtually no risk. carefully controls the flow of information and only requests information from you that is absolutely necessary for the process. You will never need to provide your social security number, nor will you need to give your full account number. Also, you never directly contact the client. The only information that the client will have about you is your billing address, which appears on the client’s credit report. If this is a concern, you can switch to a PO Box.

How Much Can I Earn?

You can realistically earn anywhere between several hundred and several thousand dollars per month. It all depends on how attractive your credit card accounts are, how many accounts you have, and how many authorized users you’re willing to add.

What is the Broker Program At

Finding ways to quickly and legally improve one’s credit score is extremely important for most people. Whether they’re looking to buy a house or just have credit cards with favorable rates, they need a solid credit score. One method that has risen in popularity recently is to become an authorized user of a credit card account that has a long and clean credit history.

Creditors are required by law to report all authorized credit accounts, also call tradelines, to the three major credit bureaus, so by becoming an authorized user of someone else’s tradeline, that person will have the account holder’s credit card history listed on his or her credit report. So if that tradeline is “seasoned,” i.e. has a long and spotless repayment history, a low debt ratio, and a high credit limit, the authorized user of that account will see an immediate boost to his or her credit score.

How Can Brokers Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

If you have family members, friends, or co-workers who need to improve their credit scores, you can be their knight in shining armor. By purchasing seasoned tradelines at wholesale prices at, you can then resell them to people you know who will use them to bolster their credit scores. It’s a situation where you the broker make some money by marking up the wholesale price by whatever amount you this is fair, and the person to whom you sell the seasoned tradeline also benefits because the person who bought the tradeline will see an immediate rise in his or her credit scores.

How Do You Become A Broker?

Becoming a broker at is a fairly simple process. You just need to fill out an online application. On the application you have to briefly describe how you think you can work together with in an ethical and mutually beneficial manner. Once your application to become a broker is approved, you will be able to purchase seasoned tradelines in packages—the larger the package, the larger the discount you receive. A Win-Win is a financial services company that serves as an intermediary between individuals seeking to improve their credit history and those who would like to make a little money by helping them. The process is straightforward and perfectly legal. In essence, people who have clean and long credit card histories can earn a fee for authorizing people to be users on those accounts. People are willing to pay a fee for this service because the authorized credit account, also called a tradeline, will appear on their credit reports. Because it’s an account with a long and clean history, the credit score of person who acquired the tradeline willincrease almost immediately.

How Can I Be Sure That It’s Both Legal and Effective?

According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a piece of legislation passed in 1974, creditors are required to report authorized user accounts of spouses to the major credit bureaus. Because lenders and creditors don’t distinguish between different types of authorized user accounts, all of the accounts are reported. There was some debate recently about whether the FICO score should be adjusted to not include authorized user accounts. However, because lenders complained that doing so would violate Regulation B, it was decided that the new FICO 08 score formula will include authorized user accounts.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. has a database of authorized suppliers’ seasoned tradelines, accounts more than 2 years old. These individuals are ready to add authorized users to their tradelinesupon request.
  2. An individual eager to improve his or her credit score contacts and is subsequently offered a seasoned tradeline. For the service, the client pays a fee.
  3. then contacts an authorized supplier to arrange the order. The authorized supplier has to add the client as an authorized user within 7 days.
  4. Once the seasoned tradeline appears on the client’s credit report, which usually occurs within a month, pays a pre-determined flat fee to the authorized supplier.

It’s a process the benefits both the supplier through the fee he or she receives and the client because of the boost to his or her credit score.

What Are Seasoned Tradelines?

In the simplest terms, “tradelines” are credit accounts. If a tradeline is “seasoned”, the credit account has been in existence for more than 2 years. If you have many seasoned accounts on your credit reports and those accounts have clean repayment histories and high credit limits, then you likely have a high FICO score. Having a robust FICO is essential for securing credit at favorable rates of interest. However, if you don’t have a number of seasoned accounts, or if those accountshave poor repayment histories,your credit score will be negatively impacted.

Fortunately, there is a way to add seasoned tradelines to your credit history. The process is simple, safe, legal, and widely used by people who are looking to boost their FICO scores. It will cost you some money, but the long-term gain is well worth it.

How Can I Add Seasoned Tradelines To My Credit History?

By using an intermediary like, you will be connected with someone who has healthy seasoned tradelines. That individual will list you as an authorized user on one of his credit card accounts. By being listed as an authorized user, the complete credit history for that account will appear on your credit report. So within a little more than a month of being listed as an authorized user of an account, you will have account’s clean repayment history and credit limit posted to your credit reports. In most cases the immediate result is a score increase, and sometimes the increase is quite dramatic.

Will The New FICO 08 FormulaInclude Authorized User Accounts?

After considerable debate, the decision has been made by the creators and managers of the FICO formula to include the authorized user accounts in the new FICO 08 formula. This is great news for people who use the technique of using seasoned tradelines to increase their credit scores. This decision to include authorized user accounts was ultimately made because so many lenders complained that it would be a violation of Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974.

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Accredited Seasoned Tradelines for Sale are Worth Opting for

I needed some cash for buying my own apartment. I had already faced a major business loss over the past few months. Things have changed from good to worse in a short period. My wife and I lived a good life and we never had to face any financial struggles. I owned a private automobile spare parts garage with three employees working for me. Everything was going fine until one day I noticed that customers have stopped coming to my garage and were opting for an authorized dealer in my vicinity. Gradually, I could realize that there were not enough customers wanting to get their cars fixed from my garage. Rather they preferred a plush showroom service leaving my small garage with very less revenue. My employees too felt that this was not the right place to work. It was then that I opted to buy authorized user tradelines from a known source. The broker from whom I took the help was an honest dealer and I knew him for quite some time now.

I needed more than few thousand dollars to recover from my losses and to purchase a house since I had to sell my property. The other day my wife helped me by selling her favorite jewelry set. She had purchased them during her college days when she worked as a sales representative in a big company. She left that job long back in order to take care of our child. I felt guilty and wanted to do something to get back things on track. Tradelines helped me to score points, which in turn led to an income source for me. I can say it was of a big relief during such misfortune situations. I was able to establish, customize, and build up my personal credit points.

With seasoned tradelines for sale, I gained positive credit scores. The best part of this scheme is that it does not require any age limit. If used in a wrong way, there can be disadvantages also. The broker firm whom I approached for this service cleared of all the possible ways to score points. He narrated me few incidents where people who had very little credit points and gained bonus points independently after getting associated with tradelines services. The lesser points you have, the more benefits you could receive.

Credit scores are necessary and anyone can apply for it. The creditor who offers to lend the points to the credit challenged has the advantage of gaining extra plus points. Many require it as increasing their points and enjoy the facilities. For others who actually in dire need of cash can rely on this plan and watch their credit report rising by just reaching out a for a reliable and trustworthy brokerage service. Tradelines are tailor-made and can fit any budget level or credit scenario. Authorized user tradelines provide financial support in a subtle way and allows people recover from a miserable situation. Improve your credit score now with such tradeline company.